05:16 GMT +328 September 2016
Specialist Lynndie England abusing an inmate in Abu Ghraib.

Obama’s Nightmare: Iraqis Set to Sue US Government for War Crimes

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As Congress attempts to override a presidential veto of legislation that would allow US citizens to sue foreign governments over terror attacks, an organization representing Iraqis killed or wounded by the US military is threatening to sue the American government for war crimes.

The Iraqi National Project has stated that the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which would allow 9/11 victims and families to sue Saudi Arabia over the nation’s role in the attacks, has opened a pathway for lawsuits against foreign governments.

The White House claims that the bill was vetoed because it would open the floodgates for other nations and organizations to sue the US, which is exactly what the Iraqi group wants to do.

“In light of the majority vote by the US Congress and Senate in support of the 9/11 bill removing the sovereign immunity rights of Saudi Arabia and other countries accused of being implicated in terrorism—and in spite of President Obama’s veto on September 23rd 2016—we hereby declare that if this bill is actually passed and becomes a law, then it constitutes a window of opportunity for millions of Iraqis who have lost their sons and daughters in military operations by US military forces and US contracted forces since the US invasion in 2003 to pursue compensation from the US government for what they have endured,” a letter published by the Iraqi National Project states, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

They cited US bombings of civilians and the well-documented torture that took place in Abu Ghraib.

“These US operations included bombings of civilians, arrests, torture [like in Abu Ghraib prison], and in numerous camps set up by the US forces across Iraq,” the letter continues. “There are also tens of thousands of maimed and handicapped Iraqis as a result of this injustice.”

The group also asserts that all of those horrors were based on faulty US intelligence.

“The majority of the injustices were based on very sketchy information and very discriminatory methods with numerous omissions from US officials and ex-officials,” the letter reads. “Once the 9/11 bill becomes law, we will endeavor and assist on a strong effort towards the formation of special committees seated by top Iraqi lawyers and judges along with numerous international legal advisers.”

The Saudi government has repeatedly denied any involvement in the 2001 attacks which left nearly 3,000 people dead, but many have long suspected that the hijackers of four planes that crashed into targets in New York, Washington DC and rural Pennsylvania were backed by Riyadh.

The bill, which may become subject to the first presidential veto override during Obama’s term in office, has left many lawmakers in a tough spot, as they want to see justice for the victims of terror attacks, but are concerned with the precedent it sets.

"I worry about legal matters. I worry about trial lawyers trying to get rich off of this. And I do worry about the precedence. At the same time, these victims do need to have their day in court," House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters.

A veto override requires two thirds of lawmakers to vote in favor of it, in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Even key Democrats have said they will stand by the bill, despite the president's objections, including Nancy Pelosi.

"I’ve worked with these families for a very long time, and I think they should have their day in court," House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters last week.

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  • Kim Kyu-Un
    Looks like England got a new pet.
  • Dan
    It is good but the action should not depend on the US Bill. Whether the Bill passes or not the crimes that the US committed on Iraqis and other people should brought to justice.
  • elsa.zardiniin reply toDan(Show commentHide comment)
    Dan, Right. But I am so happy that Iraqis are reacting. May be they were before, but I was unaware. This are good news, indeed.
  • karlof1
    If Pelosi hadn't become treasonous and taken impeachment off the table, then these lawsuits wouldn't be occurring because the entire legal settlement would have happened as part of the criminal judgment against BushCo after its well deserved impeachment--Treasonous because it was her DUTY to impeach the entire Bush administration! Pelosi herself ought to be named as a defendant in every case brought against the Outlaw US Empire's government.
  • michael
    he won't be worried about it, he's on his way out.
  • jas
    It's a bad bill. The Saudis should be named specifically. But they weren't, for a reason. If this ever became a law, people like Obama would use it against Russia and the West owns the global courts. I actually think this is a plan for Obama to avoid being accountable and for the US Congress to act as his shield. The media is selling it as holding the Saudis responsible, but that's not what it does. it opens anyone the West wants to sue open to lawsuits. The US State Department is already accusing Russia of sponsoring terrorism in Syria. It was also be used against eastern Ukraine leaders, etc. It's a weapon, like economic sanctions.

    Read the text of this thing. It's NOT just against the Saudis. Sputnik is misrepresenting what this law would do. It's being represented as a bill about the Saudis and 911 families, but it's much more general than that. It can easily be abused to torment countries the US wants to invade or dominate with endless lawsuits, like Syria, Russia, China, and Iran or Pakistan.
  • elsa.zardini
    This is unrelated to Irak, but it shows that the US administration has no idea of consequences. I just read that Mr. Obama appointed an Ambassador to Cuba, meaning that Hillary just lost in one second millions of votes from Cubans at Florida and elsewhere in the US.
  • Sam S
    The Iraqis made a big mistake announcing this at this time. They could have waited until the override has taken place. They have now given a good reason for the law makers to stand with Obama.
  • v76
    This should of fuking started 60 years ago.
  • elsa.zardiniin reply toSam S(Show commentHide comment)
    Sam S, Well, not really, because, see, the law makers are now in a dilemma because if they stand with Obama then they are against the people of the US who voted for them, the constituencies.
  • choticastile
    How can any government kill and torture with impunity -- outside the framework of international law -- and expect not to pay for it? What a terrible day for Americans, that the government they trusted, betrayed them in this godawful manner.
  • choticastilein reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
    karlof1, Exactly.
  • choticastilein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
    jas, I don't follow your last sentence-- On what grounds can the US dominate Russia, China and Iran with endless lawsuits -- for what? Pakistan-- the US has for years created dung there as much as in many countries over the years -- look at what they did to Vietnam. The US can't act like a loose cannon, just suing countries willy nilly and get away with it. This sounds like the ruddy TTIP and TPP -- which people are standing up against. Of course if they get their one world.gov, that's another story altogether... but the hidden hand here is Ziorael.
    At any rate, the US will simply put the printing press in turbo, if push comes to shove.
  • choticastilein reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
    michael, Tony Blair is also out--- but they all escape because they belong to the Zi Club aka The Untouchables...
  • peaceactivist2
    Sue? Sue forshit? Noyhing is goin to hsppen cause what can you fo with thedavil?
  • choticastilein reply toDan(Show commentHide comment)
    Dan, Yes correct -- but US is not a member of the ICC.
  • zivilist
    So, there is progress in democratization !
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