05:17 GMT +328 September 2016
Hard Facts

Syrian Narratives

Hard Facts
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John Wight

As the war in Syria shows no sign of ending soon, John Wight interviews Eva Barlett, writer and human rights activist, on what is really happening on the ground in Syria and why the mainstream media are only showing one side of the story.

On this first episode of Hard Facts, John Wight is joined by writer and human rights activist, Eva Bartlett, for a discussion on Washington's attempt to blame the breakdown in the recent ceasefire on Russia and its Syrian ally.

We also explore the recent massacre of dozens of Syrian soldiers in a US airstrike while engaged in combat against Daesh in the eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. Was this really the accident that Washington claims? Or is it further evidence of the US government's commitment to the overthrow of Syrian president, Basher al-Assad, even if it means the country being overrun by Salafi-jihadists?

Eva Bartlett has been visiting Syria since the conflict began and provides a unique insight into the gulf between the Western narrative of the conflict and the reality on the ground. Syria is a key frontline in a global struggle between East and West for a multipolar alternative to US hegemony. As such the stakes in the outcome could not be more serious. As for the Syrian people, when will their suffering end?

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