05:17 GMT +328 September 2016
By Any Means Necessary

What You Didn't See or Hear About Charlotte

By Any Means Necessary
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Eugene Puryear

Police overreact to peaceful protests in Charlotte and is now the time to demand national policy action.

On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" host Eugene Puryear is joined by Aurelia Williams, student at Georgia State University and a political and social activist in Atlanta, Michaela Brown of Baltimore Bloc, Sean Blackmon, Sputnik News Analysis. Aurelia Williams and Michaela Brown give there accounts of continued protests in Charlotte and describe what it was like to be in the city with protestors, police and the national guard. The group also discusses the over reaction and backlash by the American public anytime a black person speaks up or protests in America.

In a special third segment host Eugene Puryear is joined by Garland Nixon, host of News Views with Garland Nixon to talk about the space that has been created for the movement for black lives to demand policy changes. Garland Nixon also talks about black voter turnout in North Carolina after the most recent protests in Charlotte.

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  • RobertBeal
    Fairness? (link at bottom)

    "Force, along with the systems of indoctrination and propaganda, is the last prop that keeps the corporate elites in power. These elites will do nothing to diminish the mechanisms necessary for their control.

    "The corporate state, by pillaging the nation, has destroyed capitalism’s traditional forms of social control. The population is integrated into a capitalist democracy by decent wages and employment opportunities, labor unions, mass-produced consumer products, a modest say in governance, mechanisms for marginal reform, pensions, affordable health care, a judiciary that is not utterly subservient to the elites and corporate power, the possibility for social, political and economic advancement, good public education, arts funding and a public broadcasting system that gives a platform to those who are not in service to the elites. These elements make possible the common good, or at least the perception of the common good.

    "Global capitalism, however, is not concerned with the cohesion of the nation-state. The relentless quest for profit trumps internal stability. Everything and everyone is pillaged and harvested for profit. Democracy is a mirage, a useful fiction to keep the population passive and compliant. Propaganda, including entertainment and spectacle, and coercion through state-administered surveillance and violence are the primary tools of governance. This is why, despite years of egregious police violence, there is no effective reform."

    Sep 25, 2016
    By Chris Hedges
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