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Ramouseh district in south Aleppo liberated by the Syrian army. (File)

'Something Very Serious Transpired' Between Russia and US Over Syria

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The current "level of violence in verbal attacks" on Russia at the UN is unprecedented," Gilbert Doctorow, European Coordinator for the American Committee for East West Accord told Radio Sputnik, adding that this seems to indicate that something grave must have happened between the two countries with regard to Syria behind the scenes.

The United States and Russia have lashed at each other over the Syrian conflict, with Washington and Moscow trading blows at the urgent UN Security Council meeting on Sunday.

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, who has never been known "for her diplomatic talent," as Doctorow put it, accused Russia of "barbarism" in Syria. She added that Moscow and Damascus ostensibly "make war" instead of "pursuing peace." She also blamed both governments for "bombing the humanitarian convoys, hospitals and first responders who are trying desperately to keep people alive."

"We reached a new low," the analyst said.

Doctorow described the US' behavior at the UN as "rude." He also noted that such rhetoric has been absent from the UN Security Council meetings for decades. We have not seen "this level of open hostility and direct name calling" since 1985.

"The violence of this, the extreme hostility implicit in these actions suggests that something more is going on between the two sides than we find on the front pages of the newspapers," the analyst observed. Latest developments seem to point that "something very serious has transpired between Russia, the United States and its closes allies over Syria – far more serious than what has been in the public domain."

Doctorow further said that the US-coalition airstrike on the Syrian Arab Army in Deir ez-Zor and the SAA resuming air raids in Aleppo are not sufficient to explain this level of verbal hostility.

On Monday, Damascus said that the Syrian intelligence services have an audio recoding of communications between US forces and Daesh prior to Deir ez-Zor attack that claimed the lives of at least 62 Syrian servicemen on September 17.

"It could be true, but it will have no implications because truth is the least of the factors on the playing field today," the analyst noted.

Doctorow recalled that the Western media did not cover the Russian Defense Ministry's press briefing over Daesh's illegal oil trade with Turkey.

"That was dramatic. It was a fantastic demonstration. What was the result? Zero. There was no coverage in the Western press although all of NATO military attaches in Moscow were scribbling furiously and taking as many photos of the Russian flights as they could," he said.

In Doctorow's opinion, the Syrians and the Russians "can prove anything they like," but mainstream media in the West will "totally" ignore it. "That is a sad fact today. This is why force and not diplomacy seems to be resolving the question or seems to be addressing the question of what future Syria has. Diplomacy has only been decorative."

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  • Robert
    Russia coos, “Let's make love....”
    Uncle Sam, grasping his hair and gnashing his teeth, screams, “OH, GO TO HELL!!”
  • dvdgrg09
    Russia's bunker buster bombs dropped on Aleppo might have busted a bunker with some al Qaeda-embedded Americans inside.
  • Ruscino
    Maybe Russia is getting a backbone to stop these barbaric liars ?
  • Porkbelly Porkerpig
    ["The violence of this, the extreme hostility implicit in these actions
    suggests that something more is going on between the two sides
    than we find on the front pages of the newspapers,"
    the analyst observed. Latest developments seem to point that
    "something very serious has transpired between Russia,
    the United States and its closes allies over Syria –
    far more serious than what has been in the public domain."]

    And WHAT might THAT be??? ????? ??? ???????
  • peaceactivist2
    She looked so skiny and pell similar to the condition of what people have aids. She was having fun with her male partner while people are dying in the field and innocent ones were running for their lives, yet she dtood up there and talk evelly that tanted the whole nation.
  • STOP killary !!in reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
    dvdgrg09, Russians have started using Iskanders from vehicle launchers on its ships. They can respond in real time via overhead satellite, the great satan is getting its ass beat.
  • ViTranin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
    dvdgrg09, Did .... did you not see the report !
  • mzungu in Africain reply toPorkbelly Porkerpig(Show commentHide comment)
    Porkbelly Porkerpig, The eradication of the CIA/MI6/Mossad command center in the Aleppo mountains. I happened shortly after the attack in Deir Es Zor which was monitored from this command center.
  • anne00marie
    It is not rocket science. Russia has publicly accused the US of 'Defending ISIS' and the US do not like being caught out. Remember, it was the US and coalition that let rip on the Syrian Forces, which led to the first UNSC emergency meeting.

    Then Russia had the video surveillance of the American Predator, which was in position and possibly primed (with what), when the convoy was taken out.

    The White Helmets are never, ever working in an area controlled by the Syrian Forces, they film their propaganda in rebel (US) controlled areas. So it must have come as a surprise, that Russia had drone reconaissance evidence of that missile, hidden behind the convoy, in the rebel controlled area.

    The US and their partners have invested too much in Syria to be happy to see Russia, Syria, Iran and China keep it all.
  • anne00mariein reply toRuscino(Show commentHide comment)
    Ruscino, Maybe Russia always had the backbone and just wanted to help the US be more open with regards what they were up to. Have you never read Sun Tzu and The Art of War?
  • silkwillie
    The great Satan is getting desperate their evil plans for Syria are coming to fruition, thanks to Russia
  • silkwilliein reply tosilkwillie(Show commentHide comment)
    silkwillie, correction their evil plans for Syria are not coming to fruition as they had hoped
  • Selimor31
    Samantha Power is about as dumb as France's Hollande. Which is no small feat stupiditywise.
  • tobi.gelando
    Samantha Power is just as wise as she is a beauty :) IQ not more as 39 ....
    Bu lets be hones to work for a terror country like the Usa is a real Burden !!!!
  • happy1
    I wonder if the US is foreseeing all of their investment based on the overthrow of the Assad government going down the pan. Knowing the financial mess that they are in and the Fed has been busted plus KSA & Qatar won't want to pay any 'reward' money to the US for a totally failed operation.
    Even Ukraine doesn't look much better from a US standpoint, I bet there are some pretty pissed off investors with Obamas government.
  • CJin reply toPorkbelly Porkerpig(Show commentHide comment)
    Porkbelly Porkerpig, It may well be what transpires when diplomacy fails, when the playground bully is shown to be a coward he can ask for forgiveness or throw a tantrum. The question is, what will the US do, Russia has nothing to prove, the US has everything to prove and a lot of people are watching. When one looses their credibility, their respect no-body is interested, lol
  • Andrew Jin reply toPorkbelly Porkerpig(Show commentHide comment)
    Porkbelly Porkerpig, Was hoping to find out more myself. Annoying article.
  • C Han
    Analogy with the "societe des Nations" in 1936 and later is scary...
    Are we heading straight on to a WWIII with the NATO-EU/US coalition being the equivalent of the Germany/Italy axis?

    But then will Russia be strong enough to win the war? again! and at what price? 50 mi people this time? for after to be tagged as evil country?
  • michael
    doctorow may be whistling in the dark.
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