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Russian amphibious vehicles drive in formation during a rehearsal for the Navy Day parade in the far eastern port of Vladivostok, Russia

Retired NATO Commander Breedlove Warns Russian Forces Would Overwhelm US, Europe

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The Four-Star US General known for his hostile position towards Moscow warned that the West has taken the revolutionary advances of the Russian military too lightly and are grossly unprepared for a hypothetical conflict.

Retired NATO General Philip Breedlove issued a warning to the United States, Canada and Europe regarding Moscow’s growing military superiority suggesting that if World War III were to unfold tomorrow Europe would quickly be smothered long before American reinforcements could arrive and that Russia’s elite aerospace fleet would likely give the United States fits.

Breedlove, a four-star United States Air Force General who recently retired as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander blasted NATO for lack of preparation in response to Russia’s rapid military revolution that has seen major upgrades in both naval and air superiority components. The General’s cautions also come at a time when the West remains completely unable to defend against Russia’s next-generation hypersonic weapons.

"The unobstructed crossing of the Atlantic to fight a war on the land mass in Europe, I think, is a thing of the past," said the General highlighting that Russia could cut off the US Naval fleet. America’s ability to navigate the Atlantic unimpeded has been a centerpiece of the US and NATO’s military defense strategy.

"We need to think about our ability to defend our capability to reinforce Europe," Breedlove insisted. "I think, in a time and space of their choosing, they [Russia] can make things very tough for us, and we need to be able to ensure our ability to operate in those commons."

Breedlove’s cautions follow in the wake of similar warnings by Sir Richard Barrons, former chief of Britain’s Joint Forces Command who cautioned last week that "Russia could use its smaller forces to tweak NATO in a way to which NATO would be very pressed to respond because it doesn’t have any plans to do that. I think many people have lost sight of what a credible military force is and requires."

The warnings from General Breedlove may be a smokescreen to increase military and defense funding into NATO which has in recent years drummed up the specter of "Russian aggression" in order to justify demanding greater resources from parties to the coalition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the notion that Moscow has any hostile intentions towards Europe or any other NATO countries saying, "I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO."

Putin explained that he thinks "some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia. They just want to play the role of front-line countries that should receive some supplementary military, economic, financial or some other aid."

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  • jas
    If he's retired, why am I reading and why should I care about what his opinion?
  • ivanwa88
    That's a massive turn around on his fighting talk less than a year ago! when according to him Russia would be crushed like a soda can by superior NATO forces!!?

    In a military retrospect his current statement is technically correct and always bemused me no end that NATO could see to threaten Russia on her own soil which is and always was ludicrous especially as Russia has modernised and mobilized its forces with advance fighting technology that no longer lags behind NATO analogous.

    No forces can attack a super military force and succeed away from its own shores, that's a given. Except this is the first time NATO has admitted so.

    All the wind pipe stuff dished out by NATO in the recent past was just that foul wind to pump up the tyres.
  • ivanwa88
    Breedlove, a four-star United States Air Force General who recently retired as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander blasted NATO for lack of preparation in response to Russia’s rapid military revolution that has seen major upgrades in both naval and air superiority components. The General’s cautions also come at a time when the West remains completely unable to defend against Russia’s next-generation hypersonic weapons.

    Well ok what is the combined military spend for the 22 NATO nations lets start with the US at 600 Billion and so on!!? Russia 70 Billion? So we can now establish NATO spends the money 300 fold over Russia Soooooo? what's the problem? bitten off more than you can chew?

    Some reality checks are needed not cash checks! NATO is trying to rule the world that costs a little more than coexisting with the world.

    Breedlove is insinuating that NATO needs a budget of 5 Trillion to rule the world and taxes must go up by 50% to pay for it? OK! Breedlove off you go bye!
  • Joe Sausage
    ["I think that only an insane person and only in a dream
    can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO."]
    Death Wish III
    Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams
  • jas
    I can't help wondering what kind of private lives these freaks have. When people display that much hate, they rarely love anything or anyone.
  • Novus Ordo Seclorumin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
    jas, it seems to me politicians and their military commanders are insane on duty and recover their senses after they retire or become Ex - At least, that's what Sputnik and other media outlets seem to suggest!!
  • mzungu in Africain reply toNovus Ordo Seclorum(Show commentHide comment)
    Novus Ordo Seclorum, (The new order of the centuries)
    Seculorum! you might correct your user name.
  • mzungu in Africain reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
    ivanwa88, Where has all the money gone ... the answer my friend, it's blowin in the wind (Joan Baez)

    Strange how Russia could build up such an impressive force within 15 years and the US fell behind in spite of all their spending. Strange in a way that the US did not foresee that their foreign wars would ruin them. They thought that they could be through with their taking out of seven countries (Wolfowitz, Wesley Clark) in a short time. Their forces are structured and equipped for this purpose, for bombing weak countries all over the world into oblivion but when they have to confront armed forces of China and Russia they are clueless.
  • mzungu in Africa
    Russia and China are quite comfortable with their defensive strategy. Why would they give up such an advantage? We can assume without any doubt that they do not plan for "full spectrum dominance" even more so as the Anglo Zionists have demonstrated how such a strategy utterly fails.
  • Novus Ordo Seclorumin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
    ivanwa88, NATO member countries spent a total of $900billion last year of which the US contributed $650B i.e 72% of the total by 1 country out of 28!!!
    Each member country is supposed to spend 2% of its GDP and only a few comply (e.g US 3.6% GDP). France, Italy, Turkey, Canada etc.. do not even come close to the 2% target...

    Now you understand what this General is doing - marketing for the F-35 that cannot fly and that they're forcing recalcitrant members to buy in order to meet their 2% quotas.

    When Sarkosy decided to turn France into a vassal country and place it under the NATO's umbrella, it's because France was having trouble paying the bill and things are getting worse for them instead of improving...

    The Russia drum is just a pretext to sell weapons.

    BTW: the US debt after 15 years of WAR on Islam stands at $19.5trillion from almost nothing in 2000!!!!
  • michael
    oh joy, breeder want a political career now. (sarcasm)
  • Mikhas
    Like Brzezinski, these freaks do have a lot of influence on the US regime .
  • seanrkearney
    All the US wants is to make money off round after round of real and imagined wars......
  • armorin reply tomzungu in Africa(Show commentHide comment)
    mzungu in Africa, the word HAS been spelt correctly, as it appears on a one-dollar bank note. Like you, I would have thought it should have been seculorum. Per Omnia secula seculorum...
  • earlw35
    More whining from a West Point fearmonger, trying to start stuff.
  • nshahhsh
    look at who's talking here.. A Retarded 4 Stars General.. hehehe.. They also have an ex POW with the same syndrome.. These is what happens when a country had too much illegitimate children (bastards).. they produces a lot of psychos running the countries..!
  • pbecke
    All common sense really. The US surely wouldn't stand a weaver's. Being on the other side of the world, for all its foreign bases, would be a major 'no-no' against Leviathans, such as Russia or perhaps a Russia-China alliance - even with comparable state-of-the-art materiel. .

    I don't think the US fancied its chances against Russia after WWII. It was an epoch when use of depleted-uranium shells, for instance, would have been regarded as a war crime, so the A-bomb wasn't an option - especially after the Russia had all but won the war against the Nazis for us. On the other hand, were it not for the US, Stalin might well have conquered and colonised Europe.
  • pbecke
    ..... and there was Gunner II Class, Becke, thinking Breedlove, in the words of VT columnist, was as as crazy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking-chairs. He's obviously not as green as he's cabbage-looking.
  • hp
    "..grossly unprepared for a hypothetical conflict"
    (what to say of a real conflict)
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